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Electrical safety is of utmost importance for the preservation of life, property and continuation of business. At McMain electrical we are fully qualified electrical inspectors and our inspection reports and advice are backed by professional indemnity insurance, and our systems regularly audited and testers calibrated

FOR BUSINESS’ the Electricity at work act 5 year tests, on the fixed wiring of your building,  (or even sooner for licencsed premises inspections) this is a “MOT” on the wiring, lights power etc and keeps you compliant with your insurers local fire and council regulations as well as the statutory laws of health and safety.

PAT testing ( portable appliance testing)


Under your duty of care to your tenants and the “landlord and tennacy act” a safe elctrical service is required the only way to achieve this is to have regular inspections (every 5 years or change of tennacy) not only does this protect you but also the investment of your property


A electrical Homebuyers report  can also be done to check the safety of a future purchease so that you get no nasty “shocks” on moving in day

 We advise honestly and accurately and in all reports are in plain English to ensure that your systems are safe and comply with the law. Recomending immediate rectifications to keep you safe and legal